Monday, March 29, 2010

Diaper Cake

Some coworkers of mine threw me and another woman a co-baby shower at work, and someone made me this adorable diaper cake, (The first image). I think it's so simply designed, and well put together, I really prefer it over some of these "Over the Top" varieties. Some of them get too tall, have too many stuffed animals, mittens and booties dangling around, and then it doesn't look like a cake at all. I took the clear wrap off, and have had it on display in my daughter's room for two years (The second image).

It has inspired me to make my own diaper cake for my sister's baby shower. I really think I can do it, and I'll post images once it's completed. The baby shower isn't until May, so I hope you can handle the suspense!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Shower Favors

I'm really proud of these favors I made for my step sister's wedding shower!! She likes simple designs, and is very easy going and gave me full creativity with these! Her only guidelines were the colors, and that was clover green. It's a very pretty color, but like all colors, each manufacturer creates their own palette, so I had to go with what David's Bridal describes as clover green!

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Each tag is 4 inches long, and I cut them out of cardstock and used a corner rounder on the top edge, then added a hole for the ribbon. The flowers were actually some kind of large table confetti, so I added a little rhinestone bling in the middle!! I wanted a 3 dimensional component, nothing a little foam adhesive can't do for me!!! I hand stamped each, and tied them to the party favor bags!! The bags were premade, I just filled them and bought a pretty coordinating ribbon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Child/Hero

This is a two page layout from the Father's Day album. My husband is a big rock'n roll fan, and I thought a quote from a Guns and Roses song would be appreciated. I love the multi font layout of the title, and how it completely surrounds her image, just like his arms surround her in the second image. The adorable paperclip with the word "mine" inside of it is too cute! I incorporated the same papers and patterns in both pages to make them coordinate, but also added individual aspects to each of the titles to make them stand out separately. I included a few discrete symbols to represent his Marine identity, but not so much to dominate the page and take away from the daughter to father message.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Grandpa Frame

So I figured I might as well post all my Father's Day creations at the same time, to keep the theme going! I did make all three the same year, I was really on a roll with making handmade gifts for the guys!! Luckily I did, they all loved them!!

I didn't scan this image like I did with the others, so it's hard to make out what the metal embellishment says on the top right corner. It says, "What a joy you bring to my life". This particular gift was made for my husband's step father, who I affectionately call my Father in law. I love the "Grandpa" paper, and used the built in title ("Grandpa") on the paper as a title on the project by cutting around the word freehand with an exacto knife. I cropped the image and tucked it neatly behind the title, and it worked out beautifully. I want to try this technique again with a scrapbook page where I will have more room to play around with.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I really like to take multiple types of embellishments that have words on them in order to make a phrase or a statement. This layout is so simple, but by adding the dimension from the different types of fonts, sizes and colors of the words, it makes this page more interesting and appealing. Even though the words aren't perfectly placed from left to right, top to bottom, there is still a fluidity of words running diagonally down the page in a coherent way, that also flows around the image. Again, all the patterns and paper pieces coordinate with the entire album, even though not all are present on every page.

Simply Daughter

Sometimes just making a page layout simple is all that is needed. As with this page, a few diaper pins and ribbon, along with the beautiful paper and simple title "Daughter", this page needs no more explanation. Anything more would have created caos and clutter, and taken away from the picture rather than add anything to it.

Angel Face

This picture was taken when my daughter had just discovered her nose! So needless to say that her finger was often in it! She somehow looks so sweet while doing this, and definition of explore on the tag adds a humorous tone to the whole page!

I love paper piecing and adding different dimensions to the page through the title, embellishments and various colors and patterns. I used the same patterns and colors repeatedly throughout the entire album to make all the pages connect, and to make the theme flow smoothly.